Army Tents For The Best Camping Experience

There are Army tents out there that are extremely compact and lightweight which will make your trekking more enjoyable and comfortable too. These tents are referred to as Army tents that are just another expression for bivouac referring to smaller camping tents and shelters. If you want some more information about Army Tents visit

army tents

These kinds of tents are used by backpackers and that bike touring and weight from two to four pounds and often have large mesh sections for simple ventilation. In some styles, you can also observe the stars through the net on hot summer nights.

1 feature is that all these kinds of tents are fast setup because after a long day on the road or cycling that you would like to set up fast and readily particularly if it’s raining. And on a longer trip, you’re sure to experience rain along the trip.

As mentioned Army tents are little so many fashions have a minimal height only giving you just room to sit, not stand. So you might want to change your clothes in your sleeping bag or escape the tent. Some do include aluminum poles but there’s 1 biking type that uses the bike as one of the rods.

In some models, therefore, it is possible to set your equipment in the tent with you and others they include a small vestibule for this purpose. Many also include a useful pocket or two for keeping smaller items such as your flashlight that might be required at the middle of the night.