Australia – The Aluminium Boat Hub

Australian continent is the biggest island on this planet. It is gifted with a gargantuan coastline, amounting to more than 47,000 km. Naturally, boats are a quintessential part of Australians’ lives. No wonder then that the magnitude of Australia’s boat building industry is constantly on the rise.


Contribution to the economy:

The boat building industry has a lion’s share in Australia’s ever-increasing marine industry. Currently, Australia accounts for nearly 30% of the international market share in the production of aluminium boats.

Utility across multiple sectors:

The manufacturers build boats that have a wide domain of applications across multiple sectors. They offer different types of marine watercrafts for sectors like fishing, recreation, defence, patrol, ferry industry and commercial sectors.

International reputation:

Over the years, the aluminium boat manufacturers in Australia have earned considerable trust and reputation for themselves in the international markets. More and more international organisations are looking forward to them, not just for boat manufacturing, but also for the maintenance and repairing of boats, ships, catamarans, etc.

Why aluminium boats?

  • Aluminium is around 30% lighter than steel, and still very robust and durable making it easy to repair and maintain.
  • As aluminium is lighter and more flexible, removal and replacement of the damaged parts is easier.
  • Aluminium boats deliver a significant performance benefit combined with additional cost savings as they require a smaller and a less powerful engine.

With a host of other advantages as well, these all-purpose aluminium boats are certain to match your needs.