Though these are some of the most frequent causes of water damage, they are far from the only explanations. A lot of the time, spotting water damage from any water supply can be difficult. Here are some signs to look out for:

• Faulty Paint

If your paint begins to bubble, peel, chip, or reveal any evidence oCOMMON REASONS WHY AND WHAT TO LOOK FORf discoloration, that's one of the easier signs of water damage to identify

• Cracked Caulk

Deteriorating caulk around the bottom of your sink faucet or chimney is just another sneaky sign of water damage.

• Damp Doors

If you are discovering that your doors (or windows, for that matter) are becoming more and more hard to open or close, that could be a result of them taking on water like a sponge. Wood windows and doors are clearly the most susceptible to this sneaky sign of water damage.

• Damaged Foundation

A cracked foundation might be due to water seeping in. This could probably be due to improper drainage from gutters and downspouts, among other resources.

• Funky Odors

Eventually, water damage will begin to emit a musty, mildewy smell. Listen to your nose, it is on your side.

If a water damage disaster happens in the Athens area, prefer to call a skilled & accredited water damage restoration service that may help you with extensive water damage cleanup and repair.