Consider internet security when on the road

For many people they are very security conscious about their online presence while at home, but what about online security when you are travelling in your caravan or motorhome.

So you set off on your journey, you've prepared everything, as usual, the fridge and cupboards are stocked, the tank is full of gas, the water tanks are full and toilet sanitised, everything is set, and you're on your way, but you have forgotten one thing.

If for example, you used your laptop or mobile to make the site booking perhaps or pay your bills online with a laptop or mobile when you are on the road you could be open to hacking.

Some risks are worth thinking about even before you get on the road with these devices.

Here are some simple tips, and when you read them you say to yourself 'of course!' But how many times do we fail to protect ourselves? Make sure you software ant-virus is refreshed and up-to-date. Many Apple users think they can't be hacked but they can so this applies to those too.

Disabling Bluetooth is another fail-safe. Turn-off auto-join other networks, so you don't end up on untrusted networks, and be sure if travelling with such devices that your passwords are not mike123 for example, make them complex. Remember when arriving at certain sites, there can be hundreds of caravans and motorhomes on these sites plus the internet usage in the office. Ensure passwords are not stored in the device and enable your lock-screen.  Remember when you are touring you will also be away from the vehicle for some time, so be safety conscious when caravanning and staying on-site.  Security features are being integrated into the latest caravan antennas and caravan internet antennas. clicking here will give you information on the latest of this technology available in Australia.