How Hernia Surgery Is Complicated?

There is the chance of damage during the surgery to structures around the gut, the artery, tube into the testicle and the vein. These dangers are greater when the operation is completed for a recurrent hernia. The testicle may lose its blood supply and shrivel and need removal, and should the tube to the testicle is damaged it's going to mean the other testicle will have to keep fertility.

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 This is normally very possible. Removal of the testicle in older patients may be guided routinely by surgeons who are repairing a recurrent hernia and want the very best outcome. Wound infection is uncommon but is a risk and if the wound reddens then a prescription for antibiotics will be critical. The wound might need to be surgically explored to discharge infection if pus develops and starts oozing from the wound. A hernia is more likely to come back with a disease present.

A further surgery may be required to get rid of the infected mesh and then the hernia will be fixed once more at a later moment. To reduce the risk of thrombosis it is beneficial to start moving the feet and legs and getting walking around again.