Hunting with Ozone Generators

Hunting is an American pastime. Whether you’re in the woods looking for deer, boar, or any other wild animal, there are a lot of things you need to do. Animals are very intelligent, especially when it comes to being hunted. The smallest alert can send them running.

Some of them don’t even enter the area where they can smell the scent of a predator, namely humans. It can be really difficult to hunt sometimes, especially if you’ve been going for a while. Your scent will be carried on the wind and alert the deer and other animals in the vicinity. Good hunters know the quality of camouflage, be it visually or through smell.

Damage Control 911 has some good tips when it comes to hunting. Did you know that ozone generators remove odors from things? This includes things off your clothes and equipment. If you use an ozone generator on your clothing, the animals won’t know you’re around.

In fact, some hunters say that the animals are even curious of the scent, staying around longer than normal and moving toward the scent. There are even some portable ones that you can take along to deodorize on the fly. Keep in mind that ozone is dangerous to breathe in, though. Never be in the same location as your ozone generator.