Reporting the Bad Disruptive Behavior

In case you've been directly affected by or have detected behavior that violates the medical personnel's policy or code of behavior, you might want to try speaking peacefully and independently to the doctor and describing the impact of this behavior.

You might be reluctant since you think the behavior is an isolated action by a well-liked doctor who generally acts professionally or since you have talked to the doctor privately and he's apologized.

In reality, lots of episodes result from the strain of this moment, not in a chronic pattern of terrible behavior. To know more about disruptive physician behavior you can refer to the source: Learn To Report Unsafe Working Conditions with Dr. DeLaRosa & Team.

When it had been tumultuous, report it regardless of what. The hospital and medical team leaders will determine if it is an isolated incident or part of a routine.

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This anxiety is understandable but keeps in mind the intimidation enables disruptive physician behavior to last. Hospital and medical staff policies should guard you.

Ensure that your report is objective, and incorporate some impact on patient care. Follow your nursing coverage for incident reporting. Document any verbal trades verbatim, if at all possible.

Once you record and report the episode, you need to continue to behave appropriately. Even if the doctor is rude and demanding, then continue executing your responsibilities in a professional way.

Yelling back in a doctor who's crying creates a justification for disruptive physician behavior.