The crux of giving gifts during Christmas

Giving gifts have become a common norm during festivals and special occasions. Gifts show love and gratitude towards others. People buy and give gifts according to their proximity and financial conditions. A person with a high net worth usually gives expensive gifts than others but the real idea of giving gifts is not in its economic value rather its emotional value. Not all people can afford to buy expensive gifts, but helping people when they are in need leaves a much better impression than giving gifts on special occasions. 

As we are social beings, we require the help of different people in various stages of our lives. People who are ready to help during harsh stages of our lives are the greatest gift to us. We should nurture a compassionate relationship with others so that people who have problems in their life must be willing to share their feelings with us. Since people have different levels of desires, hence it is not possible that we can help them out in each and every situation but that must not become the excuse to shed our responsibilities as a human being. 

Christmas is approaching near and people are getting busy decorating their houses, planning for gifts and other related events. However, the main thing to remember during Christmas is that it celebrates the birth of Jesus and his qualities. So the crux of Christmas does not lie in gifts rather our gratitude and concern towards people who need our help. One can go through sites like Amazon to find gifts depending on their budget, but this idea of giving gifts must not become a formality rather it must remind us about the compassion and generosity towards our fellow humans.

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