Tools Used for Demolishing a Structure


Demolition is a dangerous job that can get messy. Breaking a wall to get the desired floor sounds simple. But in reality, it isn’t. Demolition requires special set of tools as it creates a lot of dust and other debris. Here are a few tools used in demolition.

  • Pry Bars –It comes in 2 types. An S-shaped bar and flat pry bar. The S-shaped bar is a medium size tool that helps to pull out the framing wood of the interior. This bar is around 18 inches long. On the other hand, the flat pry bar is a lightweight and durable tool that can get into tight spots. Before using these bars, a claw hammer is needed.
  • San Angelo Bar – This bar comes in spear shape which is relatively heavy when compared to Pry Bars. Weighing in around 8kgs and standing at around 185cm, this tool is used to get rid of stiff floor tiles. A very handy tool required while dealing with the floor.
  • Screwdrivers – This tool helps to get delicate work done. Many times, sledge hammers are used for demolishing a structure. However, there are gas lines, water lines and cables that can get damaged very easily. That’s why this tool is preferred while dealing with delicate materials.

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