Top Events In Paris

Paris is also known as the city of light and no matter at which time of the year you visit this place you can experience their cultural events. Some events are more popular than others.

Below are some of the most popular events that you can experience in the winter Australian western front tours:

Courtesy:Destination 360

1. Paris Autumn Festival

This event takes places from September till late December and was first held in 1972. Initially there were two events that were celebrated during the weeks of international music and the International Dance Festival. In 1972 these two events were combined to make Paris Autumn festival. This can be found on display at different locations and parks in entire city.

2. Paris Banlieues Tango

In November, the whole city celebrates the Paris Banlieues Tango event. In this people from the outskirts of the city gather to do a tango dance and enjoy each other’s company. Romantic music and Latin rhythms are danced on. More than 250 artists from all over the world come to celebrate this cultural event.

3. Christmas Markets

As the name suggests, these markets are set in the month of December especially around Christmas time. Initially, the Christmas markets were introduced in Alsace which is near the German border. People in Alsace adopted trend of German Christmas markets in 14th century. Now Christmas markets are set up in entire Paris early December. These markets enable citizens to enjoy local produce and purchase Christmas presents for their loved ones.

There are many cultural events that are held in Paris and most of them are related to arts and music.